Books by Pope Francis

 “Among the large number of publications that have appeared since [the election of Pope Francis], we do well to distinguish between books “about” the Pope and books “of” the Pope. It’s not that some are better and some are worse, but these two types of books really differ in nature. The books about the Pope satisfy the urgent demand for information and background about the [Pope,] while the Pope’s own books, of which Open Mind, Faithful Heart is the most prominent,] come directly from his own hand. .. These are the books that show us all the depth and breadth of Francis. It is in these books that the author projects his inner self and makes himself visible in his own words.”  –Gustavo Larrázabal, CFM, longtime editor and friend of the Pope in Argentina

Books by the Pope:

OPEN MIND, FAITHFUL HEART. Reflections on Following Jesus.  Published originally as Mente abierta, corazon creyente by Editorial Claretiana in Buenos Aires in 2012.

“Unlike virtually all the other books about the man we now know as Pope   Francis, this collection of reflections was assembled by him, just weeks before the conclave which elected him pope. It is a profoundly personal volume, representative of his own spirituality and pastoral vision–and it’s superb.” — Deacon Greg Kandra

THE PEOPLE WISH TO SEE JESUS, Reflections for Those Who Teach. (Published originally as part I of El verdadero poder es el servicio by Editorial Claretiana in Buenos Aires.

These texts by Pope Francis are packed with powerful insights into what catechesis, teaching, and learning really mean for Christians. Starting with a tender care for the person of the educator, and of the student, Pope Francis shines profound light on the human condition, our need for the Good News, and the right way to share it–joyfully